TIME LED launches slimline LED frame ceiling panel

The square panel outline designed for the ceiling, illuminates an indoor space just as effectively as the more common full panel.

Available in two colours (cool white and daylight) these Frame LEDs can be mounted in a suspended ceiling grid beneath the plasterboard ceiling tiles, can be suspended by hanging flex cables, or simply built in.

The perfect replacement for chunky outdated style fluorescent lighting fixtures, office renovations and contemporary installations. Ideal for making a modern impact in retail, hospitality or reception areas.

Office and commercial spaces can benefit from the slimline panel, built from an aluminium body, supplied with driver and compatible with the TIME LED Universal emergency module.

At just 10mm in depth, the TUV certified Frame LED offers a flicker-free 120-degree beam angle. Supplied with a 3-year warranty, available on a next day delivery service there is nothing to dislike about the Frame LED panel.

Electrical wholesalers can request a demo visit from their local Regional Sales Managers by calling 01908 633522. To take a look at the full specification please visit https://www.timeled.co.uk/