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Pitacs Signage

Leading The Way With High-quality Materials, Innovative Design And Expert Manufacturing.

Pitacs was founded in the United Kingdom in 1990 as a national distributor of heating products; when we launched our Ultraheat collection, we focused primarily on steel panel radiators.

Today, the Pitacs family includes AEON, Ultraheat, TIME Cable, Pitacs Cable, and TIME LED; we are one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and distributors of heating products and electrical cables, as well as a major exporter to international markets.

What does Pitacs mean?

Back in 1990, we started in textiles, so the Pitacs name is derived from Pollen International Trading And Consultancy Services.

How many products can Pitacs store?

With a warehouse span of 110,000 square feet, our facilities can store over 16,000 pallets of products from 365 different Ultraheat Compact 4 radiator sizes, towel rails, LED products and certified cable.

What's important to Pitacs?

Since moving into our Milton Keynes base in 2010, we have been taking steps to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible.

We have a 600 150KWP solar panel roof system as well as a tailored Thermal Water Heating System to provide a sustainable way of heating water for all employees. And now, as part of our commitment, we’ve installed EV charging points for all staff and visitors to use.