Pitacs Cable

Pitacs is fast becoming one of the UK’s largest distributors of electrical and data cables under both our PITACS and TIME brands.

All cable products are BASEC and HAR certified with a proven track record for quality and availability. We offer a complete range of general wiring, flexible cables, low voltage cables and control cables.

Our cable is stocked in local and national companies, from independent retailers to the UK’s leading wholesalers and merchants.

Click below to download our new Cable Guide (PDF format) with technical details and recommended usage for our full range of cables.

Twin and Earth cable

General Wiring

We offer a versatile range of general wiring, fixed wiring and Twin & Earth cable suitable for a variety of applications in domestic and commercial power distribution, including single core and multicore with Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) options.

Flexible Cable

Flexible Cables

Our flexible cable range includes braided flex, PVC insulated flex in a range of core configurations and colours with alternative LSZH options, heat resistant butyl flex, water resistant pond flex and arctic grade flex for outdoor applications.

Control Cables

Our range of control flexible cables for measuring and monitoring systems includes CY, SY and YY multicore cable in PVC and LSZH.

Armoured Cables

Our Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) cable is a hard-wearing cable designed for the supply of mains electricity wherever there is risk of mechanical damage.

Solar Cables

We offer solar PV cable for interconnection use within photovoltaic (PC / solar panel) systems. The cable is double insulated and resistant to UV.

Firecross Cable

Firecross Cables

Our Firecross fire-rated cable is ideal for use where fire safety is of utmost importance such as fire alarms and emergency lighting. 

Low Voltage Cable

Low Voltage Cables

We stock low voltage cables for a variety of applications including coaxial (CT100 and RG59/RG6), alarm cable, telephone flex and bell wire.

Data Cables

We stock CAT5 to CAT6A cables in in both PVC and LSZH variants for telecommunications and computer networking including high speed PoE applications.